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Reclamation, the 73rd Eastercon, was held April 15–18, 2022, at the Radisson Hotel & Conference Centre (formerly the Park Inn) in Heathrow, UK. Guests of Honour: Zen Cho, Mary Robinette Kowal, Philip Reeve, and Nicholas Whyte.

Chair: Phil Dyson. It had 659 members physically present, 797 total members, including supporters. 80 people logged in to the streaming service. 41 of those were not physically present. Hotel registration was especially fraught with multi-hour waits to register -- apparently, the hotel did not have adequate staff to clean the rooms. The convention newsletter was Proclamation.

The convention spawned a significant number of cases of Covid-19, with at least 10% of the attendees reporting positive test results in the week after the con. Happily, none of the cases seem to have been serious.

The Doc Weir Award went to James Shields.

Because ConFusion did not select the 2023 Eastercon, Reclamation held votes to select both the 2023 and 2024 Eastercons. See Conversation for the details of the 2023 vote and Levitation for the details of the 2024 vote.


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