The Decomposers

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A fannish musical written by Mark Keller and Sue Anderson and first performed in February 1979 at Boskone 16 by the RISFA Players. The subtitle, Rivets Has Risen from the Grave, was a bow towards two previous plays by the composers: Rivets Redux, and Back to Rivets.

The play is a spoof of Worldcons with a complicated admixture of other things. (Some idea can be gotten from song titles such as Wilbur Whateley Superstar and Space Side Story and the Burroughs Bibliophiles March.)

Cast and staff included: Caleb Hanson, Carol Kane, Lori Meltzer, David Broadbent, Tony Lewis, Bob Benson, Faye Ringel, Honour Horne, Chip Hitchcock, Tom Courtney, Mark Keller, Suford Lewis, Sue Anderson, Jeff Del Papa, Elise Levinson, Rick Katze, Drew Whyte, Mike Saler, Gayle Kaplan, Mike Blake, Jean Berman, Topher Cooper, David D'Ammassa, Bettina Helms, Lynne Brodsky, Elliot Shorter, Sheila D'Ammassa, Gayle Kaplan, James Chubert, Peter Neilson, Beth Cohen, Lois Gantschar, Michael Walke, Nancy Hussar, Rob Spence, Jim Landau, Bill Desmond, Rita Berens, Mike Vrandl, Becky Price, Ken Winters, and Tracie Brown.

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