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Simon Agree. Photo by Gil Gaier.

Simon Agree was a teen-aged fan active in the 1970s. He was a member of Apa-50. He did some fan art, which one of his publishers, Mike Glyer, described in Scientifriction 4 (January 1976, p. 68) as “lacks Townley's sophistication.”

Simon was mainly a fanzine fan, but he did attend some conventions, as Taral recounted in DNQ 24 (November 10, 1979, p. 2):

 ...On the whole, NovaCon was a let-down. 

All the more so, considering the denouement. With us from Toronto was Simon Agree, who is an American citizen living in Canada, shall we say, inconspic­uously. Circumstances had led Simon to being low on cash reserves, and as soon as Simon had replied "American" to the invariable question "citizenship?" the grilling began. His lack of money clinched it -- he was not admitted to Canada. So there we were, Victoria and I on one side of the border and Simon on the other, hundreds of miles from friends or home. We were fortunate enough that the Americans allowed us back to Simon's side so we could drive him to Buffalo where he caught a bus to Detroit. There he temporarily re­sides, hoping to return home as soon as no one is looking.

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