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(???? – January 15/16, 2024)

Roger Perkins was a British fan and conrunner who was treasurer of Contrivance and BECCON '87. He was introduced to fandom via Philip Strick's evening SF class in 1971, the group that became known as the City Illiterates. His first convention was Chessmancon, the 1972 Eastercon, after which he was an Eastercon and Novacon regular.

Roger was the treasurer of all four BECCONs and was a mainstay of the BECCON quiz and charades teams. He also acted as treasurer for Contrivance, the 1989 Eastercon. After his retirement, he moved from London to Pembrokeshire in south west Wales and semi-gafiated. He had a boat called Chrestomancy.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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