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Wales (Cymru in Welsh) is one of the constituent countries of the United Kingdom.

Alicia Feather of Anglesey, an island of the north-west coast, was listed as a member of the SFA in Novae Terrae #13 (June 1937). This makes her likely the first female fan in the UK.

Galaxy by Terry Overton (from Abertridwr near Cardiff) was the first Welsh fanzine, distributed alongside Futurian War Digest from August 1942 to July 1943.

Mike Rosenblum's Directory of Anglo-Fandom in January 1945 lists three fans in Aberystwyth, but there is no evidence they formed a group. The first Welsh sf club was thus The Cymrades, formed in Cardiff in 1952 by Fred Robinson. The club lasted until 1954.

Newport SF Group or The South Wales SF Group was founded in 1977.

Cymrucons were held in Cardiff in the early 1980s.

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