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Pendulum (Venable)
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(Did you mean a convention?)

Fanzine with four issues published by Bill Venable of Pittsburgh, PA through Fanvariety Enterprises. The art editor was Donald Susan and the poetry editor was Erlik England.

Contributors included Richard Bergeron, G. M. Carr, Raymond L. Clancy, Philip Duke, Harlan Ellison, Joe Gibson, Jack Harness, Bill Kroll, C. Stewart Metchette, Derek Pickles, Peter J. Ridley, and Walt Willis.

Venable also used the Pendulum Press publishing house name to publish a 1951 Fanspeak glossary.

Issue Date Pages Notes
#1 1.1 January 1952 26
#2 1.2 May 1952 24
#3 1.3 September 1952 24
#4 2.2 March 1953 24

Pendulum online at

Publication 19521953
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