Charles D. Hornig's Nycon 1 Reminiscence

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Nycon 1 Reminiscence (Hornig)
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1939 -- Nycon 1 from the diary of Charles D. Hornig From the Noreascon Three PB

JUNE 30: This morning, I tried to meet Forry (Ackerman) and Morojo at Newark, but I got on an earlier section of their train and arrived in Penn Station first. There I met Ray (Bradbury) and the Wollheim gang. At eleven, I was on the platform as the train arrived -- greeted Myrtle with a kiss and Forry with a dash of Esperanto.

JULY 2: At nine this morning, I called at the Sloane House for Ray, and we went over to the Convention Hall, staying there until after ten -- at the greatest science-fiction convention of all time, with a gathering of over 200. We saw the movie Metropolis. I was called on to give a speech, and I talked on the types of people who read science fiction.

Among those present were John W. Campbell, Jr., Mort Weisinger, Julius Schwartz, Leo Margulies, Ray Cummings, Otis Adelbert Kline, Jack Darrow, Bill Dellenback, Dale Hart, David A. Kyle, Nelson S. Bond, Manly Wade Wellman, Conrad H. Ruppert, James V. Taurasi, William S. Sykora, Sam Moskowitz, Frank R. Paul -- others too numerous to mention.

There were speeches and a big auction. The Convention was a financial success and everyone enjoyed themselves. It was one great big jovial bunch, an experience that speaks well for science fiction.

JULY 3: I attended the Science Fiction Banquet at the Wyndham Hotel, in honor of Frank R. Paul. There were about 35 there, and a bunch of us gave speeches. This certainly has been a day to be remembered.

JULY 4: Went to Flushing (with Ray Bradbury) to see the Science Fiction Ball Game (Queens 23, Visitors 11). In the evening a bunch of us went to Coney Island to spend a few hectic hours eating junk and being thrown around on amusement contraptions.

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