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The first sf convention was held in 1936 in Philadelphia (see Early Conventions for a list of all the convention during the first ten years). Here's a list of all cons of which there have been fifty or more. (Counting cons for 2018 not yet held, but scheduled as of November 2, 2018.)

The Covid-19 epidemic caused the cancellation or postponement of many cons which had been scheduled for 2020.

Convention Location Started Count Notes
Worldcon Earth July 1939 76 not held during War years
Philcon Philadelphia Oct 1936 It's not quite clear how many there were as Philcon history is not well documented.
Eastercon UK Whitsun 1948 69 not held 1950-51, 2020
Westercon Western North America Sept 1948 71 not held 2020
Midwestcon Cincinnati 1949 70 including "Midwestcon 0"
Australian Natcon Australia Mar 1952 57 not held 1957, 1959-65, nor 1967-68 or 2020
Lunacon New York City May 1957 60 the 2018 Lunacon was cancelled, and the future of the con is uncertain
DeepSouthCon Old South July 1963 56 Normally piggybacks on other cons.
Boskone Boston Sept 1965 55 There were five more Boskones in an early series in the 40s which had been forgotten by the time the modern Boskone began. There were two in 1966.
Minicon Minneapolis Jan 1968 53 There were two in both 1971 and 1974. Not held 2020
MileHiCon Denver Nov 1969 50 began as OctoCon

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