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A Special Award given by the BFS at the British Fantasy Convention for "outstanding contribution to the genre." Originally, it was called the British Fantasy Awards Special Award. In 1997, it was named in honor of Karl Edward Wagner.

Year Winner
1973 [ [Robert E. Howard]], for Marches of Valhalla
1974-1980 no award
1981 Stephen King
1982 no award
1983 Karl Edward Wagner
1984 Donald Wollheim & Elsie Wollheim
1985 Manly Wade Wellman
1986 Leslie Flood
1987 Charles L. Grant
1988 no award
1989 R. Chetwynd-Hayes
1990 Peter Coleborn
1991 Dorothy Lumley
1992 Andrew Porter
1993 Michael Moorcock
1994 David A. Sutton
1995 John Jarrold, for editing Legend Books
1996 Mike O'Driscoll & Stephen Lockley, for running the Welcome to My Nightmare Convention
1997 Jo Fletcher
1998 D. F. Lewis
1999 Diana Wynne Jones
2000 Anne McCaffrey
2001 Peter Haining
2002 no award
2003 Alan Garner
2004 Peter Jackson, for The Lord of the Rings movie
2005 Nigel Kneale
2006 Stephen Jones
2007 Ellen Datlow
2008 Ray Harryhausen
2009 Hayao Miyazaki
2010 Robert Holdstock
2011 Terry Pratchett
2012 Nicky & Peter Crowther
2013 Iain M. Banks
2014 Farah Mendlesohn
2015 Juliet E. McKenna
2016 the FantasyCon Redcloaks, Past and Present
2017 Jan Edwards
2018 N. K. Jemisin

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