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KC in '76 was a Worldcon bid which was inspired in part by the Big D in '73 bid for Dallas, TX. KC in '76 was chaired by Ken Keller and Jom Loer. Tom Reamy of the Big D in '73 bid soon joined KC and the KC bid adopted many of the big bid tactics pioneered by Reamy for Dallas, and won the the right to host the 1976 Worldcon which it called MidAmeriCon.

The KC bid leaked its choice of Robert Heinlein as GoH and was widely criticized for doing so and for picking Heinlein for a third GoHship. (The tradition is that Worldcon GoHs are sufficiently honored by being picked even once.)

The Brass Cannon was a fanzine published to promote the bid.

Opposition: Columbus in 1976, New Orleans in '76, Highmore in '76. See 1976 Worldcon Site Selection.

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