1976 Worldcon Site Selection

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Site selection for the 1976 Worldcon was conducted by Discon II, the 1974 Worldcon. The bidders were KC in '76, Columbus in 1976, New Orleans in '76 and Highmore in '76 (the latter being a hoax bid which was not on the ballot). There was also a 34th World SF Convention Bidding Committee to hold it in Scandinavia, but it never filed.

KC in '76 won and went on to run MidAmeriCon.

The results:

Bidder 1st Ballot 2nd Ballot
Mail at-con total
KC in '76 226 92 318 424
New Orleans in '76 117 78 195 253
Columbus in 1976 43 89 132 eliminated
Total 386 259 645 677

There also were a substantial number of "other" votes including write-ins for Highmore in '76 which were not included in the final report. Presumably they were also eliminated and redistributed and account for the total number of ballots increasing between the first and second round.

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