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Interfilk is a fan fund which raises money to send members of the filk community to filk conventions in North America. It draws its inspiration from TAFF and DUFF but sends filkers to filk conventions in other regions, rather than the Worldcon or more standard sf conventions. It was founded by Bob Laurent, J. Spencer Love, Gary Anderson and Bill Sutton. The first meeting was held at Chicon 5 in 1991.

The emphasis is on increasing recognition of filkers who are known primarily in their own geographic area, rather than those who are well known throughout the community. Currently, destination conventions are restricted the United States and Canada. Guests can come from anywhere. Past guests have come from every continent except South America and Antarctica.

The Interfilk guest usually gives a concert and participates in other programming. Not all guests are performers; songwriters, sound engineers, organizers, and others may be guests. The purpose is not only to make the guests better known but to let them bring back ideas, songs, and connections with other filkers from the host convention.

The primary method of fundraising is auctions held at the conventions hosting Interfilk guests. Convention members and friends donate items and occasionally services to sell. Some are sold at table auction; the ones that draw the most interest are sold at voice auction. There is a tradition of "Interfilk wenches" mingling with the audience to blatantly encourage competitive bidding. The wenches, in spite of the term, are not necessarily female.


Year Guest Convention Notes
1992 Mike Whitaker Consonance
Randy Farran ConCertino
1993 Steve Macdonald ConChord
Zander Nyrond OVFF
1994 Kristoph Klover Musicon
Heather Rose Jones FilKONtario
Urban Tapestry ConChord
1995 Mark Osier Harmonicon
Jordin Kare ConCertino
Catherine Macdonald and Paul Macdonald OVFF
1996 Rennie Levine Musicon
Timelines Consonance
Steve Dixon FilKONtario
Nick Smith OVFF
1997 Doug Wu FilKONtario
Phil Allcock ConCerto
Keren Linsley and Lloyd Landa ConChord
Cat Faber OVFF
1998 Diana Huey Consonance
Juliane Honisch and Katy Droege FilKONtario
Jane Mailander Contata
Steve Simmons ConChord
Cecilia Eng OVFF
1999 Glenn Simser GAFilk
Gary Ehrlich Consonance
Harold Groot FilKONtario
Alan Thiesen ConCertino
Mary Miller OVFF
2000 Puzzlebox GAFilk
Heather Borean Consonance
Scott Snyder FilKONtario
Lynn Gold Conterpoint
Dave Luckett ConChord
Lee Gold and Barry Gold OVFF
2001 Dave Weingart Consonance
Tim Walker and Annie Walker GAFilk
Erica Neely FilKONtario
Freddy Brown Conterpoint
Maureen O'Brien ConChord
Terence Chua OVFF
2002 Mike and Marsha Diggs GAFilk
Sherman Dorn Consonance
Anke Teschke FilKONtario
Erwin Strauss ConChord
Andrew Eigel Contata
Rob Wynne OVFF
2003 Jeff Hitchin GAFilk
Mark Mandel Consonance
Robert B. Cooke FilKONtario
Rika Körte ConCertino
Daniel Glasser and Melissa Glasser ConChord
Blake Hodgetts OVFF
2004 Rand Bellavia and Adam English GAFilk
Blind Lemming Chiffon FilKONtario
Jordan Mann Conterpoint
Franklin Gunkelman Consonance
John Hall ConChord
Heather Dale OVFF
2005 Steve Savitzky GAFilk
Adam Selzer Consonance
Mara Brener Contata
Martin Gordon-Kerr and Andy Gordon-Kerr ConChord
Eric Gerds OVFF
2006 Carolyn Brown GAFilk
Marty Fabish Consonance
Judi Miller FilKONtario
Nancy Louise Freeman ConCertino
Tony Fabris OVFF
2007 Summer and Fall GAFilk
Dave Rood Consonance
N'Early Music Consort FilKONtario
Seanan McGuire Conterpoint
Andrea Dale ConChord
Ellen McMicking OVFF
2008 Brobdingnagian Bards GAFilk
Steven Joel Zeve and France Andrews Conflikt
Carl Thiel Consonance
Marilyn Miller FilKONtario
Nate Bucklin and Louie Bucklin Contata
Paul Estin ConChord
Sibylle Machat OVFF
2009 Harold Feld GAFilk
Lawrence Dean Conflikt
Mary Bertke Consonance
Gerry Tyra and Sandy Tyra FilKONtario
Brooke Lunderville and John Caspell ConCertino John died before the convention.
Gary McGath ConChord
Karen Anderson OVFF
2010 Andrew Ross GAFilk
October Country Conflikt
Chris O'Shea Consonance
William Mark Simmons FilKONtario
Char MacKay Conterpoint
Stone Dragons ConChord
Bedlam Bards OVFF
2011 Howard Scrimgeour GAFilk
Ben Newman Conflikt
Denise Gendron Consonance
Ghost of a Rose FilKONtario
Pavlov's Duck Contata
Cindy Turner OVFF
2012 Pug and Shaya GAFilk
Riverfolk Conflikt
Partners in K'Rhyme Consonance
Steve Biernesser and Dorotha Biernesser FilKONtario
Peggi Warner-Lalonde ConCertino
Crede Lombard ConChord
Blibbering Humdingers OVFF
2013 Fianna GAFilk
Bob Esty and Sue Esty Conflikt
Katt McConnell FilKONtario
Merav Hoffman Consonance
Lissa Allcock Conterpoint
Kirstin Tanger and Volker Tanger ConChord
Joe Abbott OVFF
2014 Allegra Sloman GAFilk
Tim Griffin Conflikt
Jonathan Turner and Robin Holly Consonance
Piers Cawley FilKONtario
Peter Alway Contata
Matt Leger and Mary Mulholland ConChord
Debs and Errol OVFF
2015 Clint Woodbury GAFilk
Toyboat Conflikt
Gary Hanak Consonance
Nicole Dieker FilKONtario
Kari Maaren ConCertino
Alan Pollard and Morva Bowman GAFilk
Alexa Klettner OVFF
2016 Glen Raphael GAFilk
Jackie Mitchell Conflikt
Jela Schmidt Consonance
Batya Wittenberg FilKONtario
Kip McMurray Conterpoint
Kay Shapero OVFF
2017 Peter Westhead GAFilk
Mark Peters Conflikt
Leslie Hudson Consonance
Shawna Jacques FilKONtario
Angry Antz Contata
Mike Briggs OVFF
2018 Faithful Sidekicks GAFilk
Brett Glass Conflikt
Art Warneke Consonance
Sabine Kinder and Michael Kinder FilKONtario
Gabrielle Gold ConCertino
Juia West OVFF
2019 Jared Walker GAFilk
Lauren Cox Conflikt
Vanessa Cardui Consonance
Summer Loraine Russell FilKONtario
Dana Katz-Buchshtav OVFF
2020 Susan Moerdyk GAFilk
Daniela Festi Conflikt

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