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A British fan and filker who discovered filk at Follycon. He chaired Contabile, the first UK filk con, as well as XIlophone and Cre2c3ndo. He is a composer and guitarist. He was a founding member of the filk/rock band Phoenix and created and runs the UK filk recording label NePalm Music. He helped create filk.net as well as the #filkhaven IRC label. He and his wife Anne Whitaker regularly host filks at their home, the Millhouse.

Mike created the "Before the Dawn" universe, and wrote the first few songs set in that universe. Many other British filkers added "Before the Dawn" songs, in what Zanda Myrande describes as "a disturbingly self-consistent way, almost as if the story already existed and was just waiting to be told." "Before the Dawn" was staged as a musical at Loncon 3.

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