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A British filk group accidentally founded at Obliter-8 when Valerie Housden ran a one-off multi-part harmony arrangement program item. She now co-leads it with Rhodri James.

In 1999, the nMC release a CD, "Voices Going West".

In 2007 the nMC was GoH at FilKONtario 17 and was nominated for a Pegasus Award.

As of 2007, the members of the nMC were: DJ Bass, Marion Beet, Abigail Crook, Deborah Crook, Chris Croughton, Simon Fairbourn, Rick Hewett, Valerie Housden, Rhodri James, Deborah Levy, Anna Raftery, Emily Raftery, Joe Raftery, Mich Sampson, Kate Soley-Barton, Marilisa Valtazanou, Richard Wheatley, Tricia Williams.

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