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(1949 – December 11, 2001)

Scott Imes was a Minneapolis fan, member of Minn-stf, manager of Uncle Hugo's bookstore for many years, married to Margie Lessinger. He was a member of the Exec for many Minicons in the mid-teens, and of the Minn-STF Board of Directors, and ran KMAC, which did video-taping for Midamericon in 1976 (for which he organized Communicon) and other Worldcons, and worked to preserve video and audio recordings of fandom.

In the semi-mundane world, he edited the SF part of the library reference book What Do I Read Next?.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

Scott Imes Video Archive[edit]

A collection of about 400 video tapes recorded by Scott Imes and friends at conventions from the 1970s to 2000. The largest groups of tapes were those recorded by KMAC at MidAmeriCon in 1976 and a large group recorded at various Minicons and other midwest conventions.

The oldest tapes were recorded on Umatic and EIAJ reel-to-reel formats and some of them were copied to other formats including VHS, and all of the tapes eventually went into storage. After Imes' death in 2001, his partner, Margie Lessinger wished to donate the contents of the tapes to fandom and made the Archive available to Jeff Schalles, who cataloged it and stored the tapes for several years. In 2015, he turned the Worldcon-related tapes over to Geri Sullivan who organized the Video Archaeology Project to preserve them by professionally digitizing the tapes, many of which were by then nearly 40 years old. The Minicon-related tapes went to Minn-stf.

There were:

Convention Total 7" EIAJ reels 5" EIAJ reels Big U-Matic Small U-Matic VHS
MidAmeriCon 119 21 15 48 35
MagiCon 15 15
ConFrancisco 24 11 8 8
ConAdian 32 23 1 8

Additionally, there were two boxes of VHS tapes copied from other sources during Chicon 2000 and a few hundred tapes from various Minicons and other Midwest conventions.

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