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The Institute for Specialized Literature, a fan-run 501(c)(3) library dedicated to preserving periodical and ephemeral literature, particularly that centered around s-f and s-f fandom. It was founded in May 1962, and members included Bruce Pelz, Ed Cox, Al Lewis, Fred Patten, Roy Tackett, Harry Warner, Rick Sneary, Steve Schultheis, John Trimble, and Robert Silverberg.

Its purpose was the collection and preservation of fanzines. It started well by acquiring the fanzine collections of Ron Ellik and Ed Cox. Bruce Pelz was the curator of the collection, but it turned out there really wasn't all that much to do and fans started to lose interest. Pelz remained committed, however, and continued to add to the collection, which eventually took over several rooms of his house plus a storage shed in his back yard. After his death it went to the Eaton Collection at UC Riverside.

The corporation continued and was the sponsor of Confirmation, Westercon 63, in 2010.

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