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Guffaw (at least #4 had subtitle "A fanzine for GUFF in the running headers) was published by Paul Kincaid in connection with the 1999 GUFF Race – first as a collective bidzine/fanthology and after he won, as "The GUFF newsletter" and for his trip report "The Coriolis Effect". The title may have been inspired by the 1980 GUFF-awe but must not be confused.

# Date Pp Content, notes
1 1999? 16 "A showcase for the three candidates […] Contains articles by Steve Davies, Julian Headlong and Paul Kincaid." Voting took place January – April 5, with nominations coming until November, so GUFF site's dating as "98" looks improbable
2 August 1999 22 "Published for my GUFF trip and distributed at Aussiecon 3. Includes a cover by Ian Gunn and articles by Dave Langford, Chris Priest, Karen Pender-Gunn, Judith Hanna plus the final part of Eve Harvey’s trip report."
3 November 1999 28 "a chapter of Irwin Hirsh’s on-going trip report, Bruce Gillespie’s Fan GoH speech from Aussiecon, and the first chapter of my own trip report" "The Coriolis Effect, Chapter One: Horror Stories"
4 May 2000 24 "The Coriolis Effect, 2: Kangaroo Kincaid", pp. 14–23; "My Australian Diary" by Eva Hauser, 1992 winner (shortened from the Czech in 1992 Interkom, here misspelled "Interkon"), pp. 5–13. Offer of "GUFF Publications", p. 24, whence descriptions above. 2001 GUFF Race announcement, "there should be a ballot form enclosed"
5 October 2000 18 "In the next issue […], due later this summer, I hope to feature articles" by the "two pairs of candidates", i. e. Eric Lindsay + Jean Weber vs Damien Warman + Juliette Woods. Deadline was 13 November
6 Nov 2001 16 trip report part 3
7 Sep 2003 18 trip report part 4; distributed only as PDF?

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