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(25 November 1954 – 22 December 2023)

Eva Hauserová (for her Anglophone fanac, she used the "Western" form without female ending Eva Hauser) was a Czech fan and pro (author, editor and translator, although increasingly non-genre).

She pubbed the fanzine Wild Sharkaaah in 1990–1; on the strength of this, she won the 1992 GUFF Race. She was one of the editors of the monthly prozine Ikarie (responsible especially for Czech fiction, reviews department and fandom-related matters) from its founding in June 1990 until 1992. She attended many European conventions, including ConFiction, the 1990 Worldcon, Speculation (1991 Eastercon), and the 1995 Interaction, publishing brief con reports in Ikarie or more detailed in the genzine Interkom; she also contributed to Shards of Babel. On her way to the the 1991 Chicon V, she traveled with her family throughout the US West; in Los Angeles, their host was Bruce Pelz.

She coined the term biopunk in 1988 (she graduated in microbiology and genetics, working briefly in a science institute before she became a research librarian in the 1980s) as the response of the decaying "wikipedia:real socialism" to the hi-tech cyberpunk.

In her 1992 GUFF platform she wrote:

I am a Czechoslovak fan, editor and writer. I write BIOPUNK stories which are (according to some  people) disgusting. I like to write funny articles for fanzines. Unfortunately, I can't write anything funny in English. I am also very fond of discussion -- about society, the future, feminism, the environment, literature etc.

Since mid-1990s, she had been living with Cyril Simsa. She largely gafiated, while maintaining personal friendships, and switched her copious activity to feminism (she is recognised as one of the few writers and journalists responsible for introducing the modern Western feminist thought to Czechia after the Velvet Revolution, especially so within the sf genre) and environmentalism. Her main interest since the late 2000s was wikipedia:permaculture.

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