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Gafia (White)
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(Did you mean leaving fandom?)

A personalzine published by Ted White in spring and summer 1958. The first three issues were titled Gafia Newssheet (and possibly intended as a newszine of a very limited scope; "I once thought GAFIA was a weekly, but it doesn't seem so" – #10. "I had little to say, and no real reason for saying it. I merely wanted to put out a personalized zine of this type without having thought the idea out. I had no clear picture of what GAFIA would be." – #4).

The final #10 had Redd Boggs's LoC complaining that the title "may result in some confusion" with his own Gafia Press and especially

as Marion Z. points out in GAFIA #7, I've used the word in fanzine titles for a good many years. There were eight Gafia Poetry Leaflets, published in FAPA between 1951 and 1955, and--as Marion guesses--I still consider the series extant. More pertinently, only last year I published Gafia Advertiser #1, and I have plans for future issues, perhaps this summer.... What with your [title], I suppose some fans will mistake Gafia Advertiser #2 for another White paper.

White replied "the next issue will appear under a new name. There may be other changes as well." Then he announced in Stellar 15 (some time in August) that it "is written and published as continuation of GAFIA", and the masthead said "combined with GAFIA and DIMENSIONS." (Tho future Boggs Gafia titles don’t seem to have appeared.)

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 1958 1 titled Gafia Newssheet, "published and distributed by John Magnus". Single page (empty verso; numbered -30- at the bottom – does not correspond to Rumble pagination; maybe a larger APA bundle?) Undated, responds to March fanzines
2 1958 2 titled Gafia Newssheet; mailed with Rumble, Magnus's newszine. "This issue ... is taken up with" White's visit to Baltimore "the weekend of April 26"
3 1958 2 titled Gafia Newssheet; mailed with Rumble
4 1958 4 Gafia is distributed with John Magnus' Rumble.... I've dropped the "Newssheet" from the title. It never meant much, with the low level of news purveyed in this rag, but now that I've decided not to limit GAFIA to a single sheet, it becomes totally meaningless. Mentions "the recent Disclave".
5 1958 4
6 1958 4
9 July 1958 8
10 July 1958 2 Included with previous issue. "I moved a week after the Midwestcon, which is about two weeks ago."

Gafia online at

Publication 1958
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