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Filler (Grennell)
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(For the term, see Fillers.)

A oneshot fanzine published as a CAFP publication in 1953 by Dean Grennell (under the pseudonym of Art Wesley) and Norman G. Browne. It consisted of 527 numbered 'filler' items, most of them gaglines, one-liner jokes, off-the cuff remarks, tongue-in-cheek statements, cute comments, catchphrases, etc., from fans such as Robert Bloch, Redd Boggs, Harlan Ellison, Lee Hoffman, and Walt Willis. Mundanes like Oscar Wilde and Ambrose Bierce were also included. The cover art was by Jack Harness.

The supposed idea was that publishers could save space wasted in fillers by simply citing the number and letting the reader look it up.

Browne collected material for a second issue, which probably never appeared.

In Izzard #7, Harry Warner, Jr., wrote: "It was a thick publication consisting of hundreds of bright remarks, each numbered. Apparently it was meant as an elaborate commentary on the excesses which fans were then committing on the craze for fillers...."

Filler #378: "But if you don't like crottled greeps, why did you order them?" appears to have been the first appearance in a fanzine of a reference to this important foodstuff.

Publication 1953
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