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The DFF was an early attempt to organize Southern fandom in 1941. It was to be "an exclusively southern organization, embracing the entire South" defined as the entire nation south of the Mason-Dixon line. Organizers included Earle Barr Hanson (president), Joe Gilbert (secretary), and Harry Jenkins (treasurer) and an advisory board with members Fred W. Fischer, Art Sehnert, W. B. McQueen, Jack Speer, and Harry Warner.

It had big plans: Besides kitsch like membership cards and stickers, members got a half-price subscription to The Southern Star and a chance to participate in a (planned) group trip to the Denvention. They even dreamed of hosting the 1942 Worldcon. The DFF also claimed credit for some of the Columbia Camp fanzines that would probably have appeared anyway.

The DFF died during the winter of 1942-43. A plan go out with a bang by publishing a final 100-page issue of Southern Star failed.

The previous attempt to united Southern fandom was the announced, but never real Dixie American Federation of Science Fictionists. Success had to wait until the Southern Fandom Confederation was formed in 1971.

From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
Dixie Fan Federation, an organization to which fans in a rather hazily-defined South could belong. It was launched by the Columbia, SC local in 1940, but soon became no more than its Official Organ, and never had any officers except the temporarily appointed ones. There was supposed to be a conference at Columbia in 1941 to get things started, but this fell thru. A group trip by car to the ChiCon or Denvention went unrealized, but the Spiritrip was made to the '42 Boskone.

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