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Comet (Wright)
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(Did you mean a different Comet?)

A genzine published by Tom Wright in 1940–1, "assisted by" Joe Fortier in variously titled roles.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 January 1940 24
2 March–April 1940 24 Contents page 3 has stickers with addresses of Wright as Editor and Fortier as "Editor Scientifan -- Mercury". P. 13 "An Autobiography of Damon Knight", with photo. "Starting next issue THE COMET will be a quarterly […] will give more time to […] prepare DAWN, a yearly companion"; both of these happened only later.
3 May–June 1940 20 Switched from hecto to mimeo; "published bi-monthly by Tom Wright […] will be out the second Saturday of every other month". "Editor – Tom Wright, Business Manager – Joe Fortier, Advisor – Jim Tillman". Pp. 5–12 Harry Warner Jr.'s story "Horror's Cellar". "Added Photo and Autobiography by Walt Daugherty 5c", "on slick paper", not a part of issue itself.
4 October? 1940 30 number and month in parentheses in Evans-Pavlat Fanzine Index.
The Denventioneer Comet March? 1941 6 "Wright, assisted by Fortier, is the editor." Cover Bob Studley, illos Jack Fields, Tom Wright and W. T. Bell. "PAGE FOUR" (numbers spelled out in the running header) a brief humorous article by Ray Bradbury on Martians, pp. 5–6 a story by Robert G. Thompson, "concluded on page 3."

The Denventioneer issue is not numbered or dated, but says "presumed to be issue 5 based on Pavlat Evans list"; those (in 1952) added a note: "One report says this issue not distributed, another (in Twighlight Echoes Win 44, p. 4) calls it a convention issue." and dated both "(March 1941)". This corresponds to the internal evidence (the issue may have been prepared slightly earlier):

• On p. 3 Wright says he "meant to send out a small hectoed issue of THE COMET as a Xmas greeting, but (…) the hecto didn't work" and thanks "all those that sent me greetings".

• He also starts the editorial "I suppose for many of you this is the first glimpse at THE COMET" and plugs the Denvention, listing "quite a few fans from the bay district here in California" who would attend, and asks "Will I see you there?"

• On the contents page he says "Since THE COMET has gone quarterly, the next (spring) issue will be the First Anniversay Issue" with extra length and production values but dependent on advertising. Clearly, this never materialized, so the zine ceased instead (see primary annishthesia); Wright also kept asking for any kind of material.

Publication 19401941
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