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A hotel in New Carrollton, MD, which was the site of many Disclaves starting in with Disclave 28 in 1984. The hotel was not at all upscale, though it was in a good location with free parking, a safe neighborhood, and reasonable food within walking distance. The hotel also had a semi-attached parking garage and had turned the lower level (never needed for parking) into rough exhibit space, which housed Hucksters, the art show and the Discave, one of the best con suites ever at a sizeable convention.

One special feature was that it changed its name almost annually (it didn't help):

The Bunker[edit]

The Bunker was an exhibit hall (and part-time basement garage) at the New Carrollton Sheraton which Disclave used successfully for many years for art show, hucksters, and, most importantly, the Discave. It was a bit dirty, bare concrete, and somewhat damp, but its very lack of amenities led Disclave and particularly Evan Phillips to create the remarkable Discave and let the hotel allow it.

See Disclave 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, Disclave Flood.

The Discave[edit]

A con suite created by Evan Phillips at Disclave which turned the ratty basement of The Bunker into a comfortable fannish setting. They used peg board of the sort used in many art shows and rented comfy couches and chairs for comfort and served beer, soda and snacks. It was the high point of many Disclaves.

The Discave was one of the main inspirations for Noreascon Three's Concourse which, in turn, was the inspiration for exhibits at most subsequent Worldcons.

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