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The 1964 Worldcon and second in the Bay Area, Pacificon II, Westercon 17 was held September 4-7 at the Hotel Leamington, Oakland, CA. GoHs: Leigh Brackett and Edmond Hamilton. FGoH: Forrest J Ackerman. Anthony Boucher was Toastmaster. Chaired by J. Ben Stark and Al haLevy.

Worldcon was combined with the West Coast Science Fantasy Conference (Westercon 17), sharing Guests of Honor and Chairmen. Pacificon II was held in Oakland, CA, which was not the same city (LA, 1946) where Pacificon I was held. September 4th was designated to be Westercon's day.

See Breendoggle for the cause celebre of the convention.

Formed from the Los Angeles in '64 bid, it hosted the 1965 Worldcon Site Selection.

At site selection, London in '65, Virgincon in '65, and Syracuse in '65 presented bids, and London in '65 was selected to run the 1966 Worldcon.

Sam Moskowitz' Pacificon II Reminiscence

Video of Fritz Leiber talking about monsters (IA)

Recording of Hugos & Leigh Brackett, Edmond Hamilton GoH speeches (IA)

Pacificon had a $1300 profit (substantial for those days) and distributed it: $105 -- Loncon 2 Hugos and Hugo bases $100 -- Cash passed on to Loncon 2 $300 -- Cash passed on to Tricon $300 -- Hugo stockpiling $200 -- P. A. S. $100 -- 1965 Westercon $200 -- TAFF They decided not to do a Proceedings "because we didn't want to set a precedent." Proceedings had been done by the two previous Worldcons, Discon I and Chicon III, and Pacificon felt that doing it a third time in a row would make it a Tradition.

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