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Fannish plays, like fannish musicals, are most commonly parodies of mundane plays and movies:

Play Perpetrated by Presented at Notes
Legion of Legions Art Widner and L. R. Chauvenet Boskone II (1942)
The Birth of a Notion Robert Bloch and Karen Anderson 1950s
The Demolished Null-A and Now You Don't Fanvariety Enterprises and the Pittsburgh Science Fiction Association‎ Chicon II (1952)
Christmas play Damon Knight, Anthony Boucher, Fritz Leiber, and Robert Bloch Clevention (1955) See Sam Moskowitz' Clevention reminiscence for a description.
Mag Net Karen Anderson 1956
Beyond the Unknown Unknown Detention (1959) See Sam Moskowitz' Detention reminiscence for a description.
Alice in Thrillingwonderland Karen Anderson Late 50s or early 60s
The Purple Pastures Carl Brandon Pittcon (1960) First published at Solacon
Stage Wars and other skits Mobius Theatre Windycon 4 (1977) and other Windycons and Minicon 13 (1978)
Star Wars' Roots Alexis Gilliland Disclave 22 (1978) Avedon Carol played Darth (wheeze, wheeze) Vader.
The Greatest Gondorian Hero Chicon IV (1981)
FAAnS Larry Tucker ConFusion 101 This was a movie filmed at various cons in 1983
Fanotchka Andy Hooper L.A.Con III (1996) and Corflu Wave (1997)
Lucas Back in Anger Phil Raines & Ian Sorensen Interaction(2005) nominated for the 2006 Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form Hugo
Shattered Like a Clockwork Orange Meade Frierson and Penny Frierson

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