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A slan shack in LA in the 1960s. It was a mansion on St. Andrews Place which held as many as eight fans as well as serving as a meeting place for LASFS from the end of June 1967 (when it left The Lab) to October 1968 when it was sold for demolition and LASFS moved.


The Labyrinth Duquesne, the last of the Labyrinth slan shacks in Los Angeles, started out as home for Jack Harness and Owen Hannifen. Barry Gold moved in after his mother took his fanzine collection and threw it in the trash bin. (Barry rescued it and brought it to the Lab). That made three.

Owen married Hilda Hoffman and they moved to an apartment about 1/2 mile away. Barry moved from the bed in the living room to the smaller bedroom. About a year later, Jack Harness moved to a studio apartment to pursue his desire to become a clear, and Owen and Hilda moved into the larger bedroom.

Then Jim Schumacher left his family home in Pomona and moved in. That made four. Sometime in mid-May of 1967, The Booby Hatch was shut down by the landlord in hopes of erecting a larger building, so Don Simpson, Phil Castora, and one other "booby" moved in. That made eight people in a two bedroom apartment, with five of them sleeping in the living room.

That was a bit much, and Owen set about finding a larger place for these fans to live. He found a mansion for rent at a price that the eight of them could jointly afford. They moved in June 26, 1967.

The Hill remained a slan shack until early November, 1968, when the owner decided to replace it with an eight-unit apartment building.

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