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  • '''Chicago''' [[fandom]] has remained as disorganized and nearly as quiet as it was wh ...hey are all small, decentralized and often short-lived. Most Chicagoland [[conventions]] and 'tween-convention gatherings are held in the suburbs.
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  • ...wo hotels to have hosted each of the three major [[fan]]-run [[Chicago]] [[conventions]]: [[Windycon]], [[Capricon]], and [[DucKon]]. ...rking lot was the site of the gangland slaying of mobster Allan Dorfman. [[Chicago]] [[fan]] [[Dick Smith]] happened to be on the premises at the time.
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  • The first attempt to create a [[regional convention]] in [[Chicago]] occurred in 1958 when [[Lynn Hickman]] chaired '''Illwiscon'''. Plans fo [[Category:Chicago conventions]]
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  • ...n]]. He is a noted [[sf]] art collector and has organized displays at many conventions including an especially well-regarded one at [[Chicon 2000]]. He was a reg
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  • ...en Roper''' (formerly '''Van Dorn''', née '''Duntemann''') is a longtime [[Chicago]] [[fan]], [[filker]], [[conrunner]] and [[huckster]]. She co-founded [[Dod ...artner and since then used used it for their [[huckstering]] business at [[conventions]], specializing in [[filk]].
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  • ==Bidded Conventions== ...them the right to run a future convention. The [[members]] of these moving conventions vote on where the future con will be held one or two years in advance.
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  • ...organized events often at science fiction, gaming, and other genre-related conventions for adult attendees. [[Chicago]] ||U.B.S. Abandon ||[[Terrence Miltner|Captain Ron Añejo]]
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  • [[Category:Chicago conventions]]
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  • ...ago]]land [[fan]], [[academic]] and [[critic]]. She is a regular at area [[conventions]], [[Worldcons]] and others, participating in many an [[ac track]], and run ...'', Educational Impact, Inc., 1974. She was science-fiction critic for the Chicago Daily News.
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  • ...n uncomplimentary term for a certain type of attendee at [[science-fiction conventions]], particularly one in [[hall costume|costume]], who drifts around the venu A [[scientificombination]] of ''drone'' and ''wardrobe'' — [[Chicago]]'s [[Dick Smith]] thinks he coined it in the early 1980s. In his parlance,
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  • ...though interest in restarting it has been expressed by both [[Iowa]] and [[Chicago]] fans. ...tion name made sense at the time, since we planned to discuss how to build conventions from the ground up, it proved to be a mistake. For years after I chaired th
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  • A [[club]] at DePaul University in [[Chicago]] which published the [[clubzine]] ''[[Effen Essef]]''. Also known as the ...sed of three issues, with contributions from DePaul club members and other Chicago-area fans. Issues of [[Effen Essef]] can now be found in DePaul Library's
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  • ...has also published a number of poems and has coordinated poetry slams in [[Chicago]], where he makes his home. ...con]], and has overseen several other writers workshops at science fiction conventions over the years, often running the workshop at [[Windycon]].
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  • The first ten years of [[SF conventions]] were a mixed bag, but even the largest was small by modern standards, and 1940 || April 1940|| [[Third Chicago Conference]] ||4 || [[Chicago]] ||
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  • ...einer]], and others built blinkies and showed them off at [[Midwestern]] [[conventions]]. [[Jim Fuerstenberg]] popularized them outside [[techie]] circles, weari '''Build-a-Blinky''' sessions at [[DucKon]] and other [[Chicago]]-area conventions.
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  • A three-day [[convention]] held in [[Chicago]] focusing on the [[pulps]]: magazines, paperbacks, original art, movie mem ...|| April 12-14, 2019 || 80th Anniversary of ''[[Planet Stories]]'' and the Chicago [[Pulps]]
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  • ...y of [[All-Night Fandom]], would frequently throw her hotel room open at [[conventions]] for casual coffee gatherings after most [[room parties]] had died down. ...Henry. [[Henry Cabot Beck, Sr.|Hank]] and Martha became associated with [[Chicago fandom]] in 1957.
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  • A phrase from [[mundania]], where it originally described the room in [[Chicago]]'s Blackstone Hotel where a small group of powerful [[United States]] sena ...n the following year's consite]], by analogy with the SFR of [[political]] conventions. But now it simply designates any hotel room where [[fans]] gather during a
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  • ...These conventions may attract many [[ghosts]]. With the proliferation of [[conventions]], some cons that used to be [[regionals]] have devolved into local cons. ...ocal for any considerable length of time. Even in the large cities, like [[Chicago]] and [[Washington]], there have been periods when there was no active [[fa
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  • the [[GT|General Technics Berserkers]] and other activities, regional [[conventions]], and by passing the torch to his children who have developed close friend ...n Kalamazoo, Steve was active in Critter Crunch competitions at Midwestern conventions, helping to mentor young participants and frequently winning these competit
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