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Drobe is a derogatory term for a certain type of attendee at science-fiction conventions, particularly one in costume who drifts around the venue without interacting with the fans or otherwise participating in the convention.

Observing some of these, clad in ugly, full-body costumes that included full face masks, Ann Arbor, MI, fan Larry Tucker once theorized that "They are very lonely people ... who want to stay very lonely people," according to the Stet 9 lexicon by Leah Zeldes Smith.

A scientificombination of drone and wardrobeChicago's Dick Smith thinks he coined it in the early 1980s. In his parlance, the emphasis was on WARdrobe — i.e. swaggering devotees of militaristic costumes: “There are no peace drobes,” he said.

Drobe is not to be confused with droog.

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