First Post-Radar-Contact-with-the-Moon Con

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Held at the Fort Dearborn Hotel in Chicago from April 6–7, 1946, this event was attended by sixteen fans, including four from Chicago and most of the rest from Milwaukee and Battle Creek.

Bob Tucker’s conrep from Bloomington News-Letter 4 (April 1946):

Fan Mirror: Sixteen characters attended the First Post-Radar-Contact-With-the-Moon Con at the Fort Dearborn Hotel, Chicago, on April 6 & 7 as follows: from Milwaukee: Donn Brazier, Paul Klingbiel, Phil Schumann, and a person who signed himself Justin Miles; from Battle Creek: Ed Counts and Earl Perry; from Chicago: Sandy Kadet, Elsie Janda, Ollie Saari, and Dick Wilson; from elsewhere: Mari Beth Wheeler from Washington DC, Niel DeJack from South Bend, Ind., Tom Hadley from Providence, Henry Elsner from Detroit, and me, Tucker, from the nether regions. Arriving late--five days late-was Ed Connor of Peoria. Signatures of attendees on reverse side of this page. An unindentifled character slipped in the ’Jassbro’ on us; Milwaukee fan­dom suspected. First two attendees arrived Friday 5th, last ditto (Ed) came Friday 12th. Hotel management glad it’s over.

Thumbnails: Phil Schumann the eager beaver of the group, cornering and reading poetry to every luckless fan encountered ---- his poetry. ... Sat. afternoon Henry Elsner wandered off with the in­tention of visiting Palmer. He wasn't seen again, a fate he obviously deserved. ... Seperating Tom Hadley from a bar, any bar, is a major operation. ... Object of much speculation was Sandy Kadet, rumored by Ken Krueger to be a girl. So widespread was this belief that until he put in appearance, HE was believed to be a SHE. ... Wheeler was wear­ing the crow-and-stripe of a third-class Petty Officer, representing a most recent promotion. ... Dick Wilson back from the wars and a recent trip to New York, announced his intentions of not re-entering fandom. Fandom’s loss....

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