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Henry Elsner, Jr., was a Detroit fan active in the 1940s. He was president of SISFA and edited a couple of their clubzines, and a member of the N3F. He attended First Post-Radar-Contact-with-the-Moon Con in 1946.

The Fancyclopedia 2 article on Technocracy mentions him as a strong advocate of the concept:

From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
Detroit Fandom met for years in their local Technocrat hall, so the Hyperboreans were imbued with Technocracy for years; but the leading fan proponent of the movement was Henry Elsner. He issued a leading fmz Scientifictionist, wherein he sometimes propagandized for the movement, and wrote uncounted articles for other people. Shortly before gafiating in 1948 he revealed that he had given up on Technocracy; his substitute for politics and fanac was trolly-car fandom.

However, he must’ve gone back to technocracy, if not fandom, because in 1967, he published a book, The Technocrats, Prophets of Automation (Syracuse University Press). He also wrote several books about transit.

Fanzines and Apazines:

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