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The Purple Hotel, located at 4500 West Touhy Avenue, Lincolnwood Illinois, was one of two hotels to have hosted each of the three major fan-run Chicago conventions: Windycon, Capricon, and DucKon.

The hotel was most noted for its purple bricks, leading it to be called “The Purple Hotel” no matter which chain operated it at any given moment. It was branded the Hyatt Lincolnwood during the years when it hosted Windycon (1982) and Capricon (1985–1987, 1989–92). By the time it hosted DucKon in 2003, it was rebranded the Radisson Hotel Lincolnwood and the following year it was the Ramada Plaza Hotel. By late 2004, it was independently run and simply called The Purple Hotel until its closure in 2007.

After many attempts were made at either reopening, redeveloping or even demolishing the building, demolition of the building began in August 2013 with the removal of its signature purple bricks, which were sold for charity.

In 1983, the hotel parking lot was the site of the gangland slaying of mobster Allan Dorfman. Chicago fan Dick Smith happened to be on the premises at the time.

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