Nashville Science Fiction Club

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A club in the Nashville area organized by Ken Moore. Fl. 1975–89. It was associated with Kubla Khan/Parthecon.

Members in addition to Moore included Fran Bray, Dan Caldwell, Perry Chapdelaine, John A. R. Hollis, Ray Jones, "Orange Mike" Lowrey, Dave Shockley, and Allen M. Steele.

Alternative was its clubzine.

In late 1979 or early 1980, there was a major ruckus over the future of the club. Until that point, the club had been rather casually run. Some members wanted it to become a formal non-profit, while others didn't. The former group created and chartered a corporation under the NSFC name, leaving the latter out. All Fandom Was Plunged Into War. See File 770 18, p. 7 for details.

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