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(May 16, 1923 – July 1993)

Jean Bogert in costume at Loncon, 1957.

Jean Bryant Bogert was a Philadelphia con and club fan, active as early as 1944 as secretary of the Philadelphia Futurians, and later as a member of PSFS, one of 15 club members who attended the 1952 Chicago Worldcon and decided on the spot to bid for Philly in ’53.

Leslie Croutch wrote of meeting her at Torcon in 1948:

Jean Bogert was around and collected my autograph twice. Must have been love at first sight! First time I was forced to sign in pencil, not having a pen. Then Jean got a pen somewhere and was back to get me to sign in ink. Not a bad kid. She just looked terrifically enthused and excited and she was just having one swell time. She had a sort of wide-eyed amazement about it all. I wonder if this might have been her first convention.

It wasn’t. Among other cons, Jean also attended Philcon in 1947 and Cinvention in 1949 (where she posed as a vampire), and was a passenger on the infamous Plane Trip to Loncon I in 1957.

She had a letter in the December 1950 issue of Thrilling Wonder Stories, writing, in part:

I think this is the first time I've written to TWS in about ten years.... Re the August issue — as usual the letter section was good (in the Battle of the Sexes I'm for women since I am one) I disagree with Bradley (nee Zimmer) and McCain is mistaken when he says male stf readers show their brains in marrying nitwits — they have overgrown egos....

For your information I am 27, not pretty but uninhibited to some extent and left-handed.

She seems to have been quite an actifan, having been a frequent officer in PSFS; she wrote for fanzines, and turned up on fanzine mailing lists as late as the ’80s.

  • Here’s a photo, from Pittcon in 1960.
  • Photo at Discon 1, 1963. Fifteen years after Torcon, she still looks “terrifically enthused and excited and ... just having one swell time.”

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