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The Philadelphia Futurians arose during World War II, a younger, insurgent group compared to the extant but moribund PSFS, with roughly two dozen members, according to Harry Warner, Jr., in All Our Yesterdays. Sam Mason was president and Jean Bogert, secretary.

They weren’t affiliated with the New York Futurians. Club rules prohibited the discussion of mundane politics during or after meetings and banned alcoholic beverages.

Albert Pepper, a former PSFS member, succeeded Mason as head of the Philadelphia Futurians in 1944, and the group merged with PSFS on October 8, 1944, keeping the PSFS name with Pepper as prexy, Jean Bogert, treasurer, and Joseph Selinger, secretary. Guyon L. Kendter was instrumental in bringing the fans together.

PSFS News carried the merger report.

Club 1940s
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