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Boskone V was an early convention held September 2, 1945 (V-J Day!), at the Hotel Hawthorne in Salem, MA. It was called the Northeast SF Conference and the First New England SF Conference and claimed to be the first post-war SF con.

It was chaired by Doris Currier, who acted as MC. There were nine members, including Jack Riggs, whose home was in San Francisco, Boff Perry, Art Widner, Gerry de la Ree, Don Jalbert, Al Yeager, David McGirr, and Sam Moskowitz. There were informal discussions and a hike to an amusement park. The plan had been to have a two-day convention, but the hotel could not accommodate it.

It is unclear if there was any significant Strangers Club involvement, but it is considered to be the last of the first series of Boskones.

Con Reports

See Early Conventions.

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