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(March 4, 1917 – March 11, 1999)

Doris A. Currier (born Doris Aurore Truchon), a fan from Laconia, New Hampshire, chaired Boskone V in Salem, MA in 1945, the first con after World War II, and acted as its MC. She also wrote a Boskone V con report in FANEWS 210–213. She may have been the first woman to chair an sf convention.

At the Newarkon on March 3, 1946, she spoke on behalf of the Buffalo Book Company.

She pubbed a one-shot, one of the many fanzines called Perihelion, of which no copy is known to survive, but Art Widner mentioned that the contents included “the account of how she became a fanne”.

She also contributed poetry and articles to such fanzines as Sun Spots and The Time-Binder.

She married James L. Currier in 1936 on Halloween, and their only son was born the following year. She was working as a newspaper reporter at the time of the 1940 census, and it is unclear what brought the Curriers briefly to Salem, where only the 1946 city directory showed their address. They divorced in 1948 because of "treatment as seriously to injure health," but in the 1950 census she and her new husband William L. Pattison shared their home with her son and, as a lodger, her ex-husband. In her obituary, she is remembered as a dance teacher, and a lover of arts and crafts and music.

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