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Bob Turner, a Michigan fan active in the 1950s, spoke at the banquet at Midwestcon 3 in 1952.

Hal Shapiro reported in “It Happened in Ohio, or a Beastly Time at Beastly's,” his conreport in TLMA 6 (October 1952, p. 5), that Randall Garrett introduced “speech-maker Bob Turner the only colored fan I have ever seen at a convention. A Michigan boy, Turner fell into the clutches of Garret somewhere and was extracted and placed in the MSFS.”

Turner’s presence at Midwestcon 3 is notable because the same hotel, the notorious Beastley's on the Bayou, infamously turned away Bev Clark at Midwestcon 4, the next year, reportedly due to a Jim Crow policy. We don’t know whether Turner slept elsewhere or why Clark was treated differently.

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