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Membership Card Front

The BPLF was a not-entirely-serious organization founded by John Boardman, Brian Burley and Fred Lerner in the 1960s for the purpose of drinking beer.

The "Beaker People" were a prehistoric European people who may have been ancestor to the Celts and who were popularized in the 1950s among fans in some of Andre Norton's stories. It is theorized that the "beakers" (pots) found at their sites were for making and drinking beer.

Boardman published Stoned Henge for the BPLF.

Membership Card Back

(See also Alforbundet.)

The membership card read:

Aims of the BPLF:
  To preserve our ethnic heritage as descendants of the
  original people of Europe by emptying as many 
  beakers as possible, and to help eliminate beer 
  surpluses wherever found.

Requirements for membership:
  Agree with the purposes of the BPLF.
  Drink beer with at least one member of BPLF.
  Be of the proper ethic background.

  Being of the proper ethnic background consists of:
     Being of British or Celtic Ancestry, or,
     Being able to fake it.
  To 'fake it,' you must:
     Speak English, or,
     Know someone who does.

Founded by John Boardman, Brian Burley, and Fred Lerner

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