Wild Fennel

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A literary genzine published in the 70s as by P. W. Frame, for issues #1-11, then as by Pauline Palmer for #12-15, after she married Jack Palmer.

Issue Date Pages Contributors
8 January 1974 24
9 1974 23
10 February 1976 Donn Brazier, Ed Cagle, Don Cole, Ben Indick, Arthur Knight, Glee Knight, R. D. Lakin, Wayne Lee, Eric Lindsay, S. L. McKay, and Jeff Schalles. Cover art by Scott Wallin.
11 1976 48
12-13 November 1976 Jodie Offutt, John Alderson, Paul Walker, Eric Lindsay and others. Cover art by Kari Vallquist.
14 1978 32
15 September 1978 32
15 (duplicate issue #) March 1981 32 Joseph Nicholas, Tilda Palmer, Clifford R. Wind, Doug Barbour and others. Cover art by Victoria Poyser.

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