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Tropicon IV was a convention held December 6-8 1985 was held in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The GoH was Robert Bloch. It was chaired by Joe Siclari and other guests included Brad Linaweaver, Lee Hoffman, filmmaker Hershell Gordon Lewis, Tim Sullivan, Vincent Miranda, Michael Whelan, Somtow Sucharitkul, Scott Adams (an early computer game designer), Gary Alan Ruse, Ginger Curry and artist Ken Mitchroney. Attendance at the convention was 225.

The convention space that weekend was shared with a Holocaust survivor group. As Tropicon 4 fell over a weekend including December 7th, Pearl Harbor day, several members of that group were startled during an elevator ride when Mr. Bloch, realizing the date, grabbed Somtow by the throat, pushed him against the wall and pretended to throttle him, yelling "you slit-eyed bastards, why did you attack us?" Reports say that the elevator emptied out quickly.

The Monday after the convention, a small group including Bloch, Somtow, Tim Sullivan, Joe Siclari, Lee Hoffman, and Edie Stern, went to breakfast at Denny's. The air-conditioning didn't work very well, and Somtow stood on the table and performed the Thai air-conditioning dance. All the other diners in that part of the restaurant retreated almost immediately. Also the air started flowing again.

Co-chairman & Hotel Liaison: Joe Siclari Co-chairman: Lee Hoffman Treasurer: Peggy Dolan Secretary/Publications/Publicity: Nancy Atherton Registration: Judy Bemis Programing: Edie Stern Art Show: Becky Peters Dealer's Room: Gail Bennett Video/Film Program: Vincent Miranda ConSuite: Pam Parsons

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