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Also titled the first annual Southeastern Science Fiction Conference, it was first of an intermittent series of cons held in Atlanta, Georgia. It was held April 2–3, 1955, at the Dinkler-Plaza. David Sadler was pressed into service as goh on the event of Don Ford's falling off a pogo stick and breaking a leg. Chairman: ASFO President Ian T. Macauley. Jerry Burge was art director.

Fans present included David’s daughter Jan Sadler, Wayne Strickland, Frank Dietz, Charles Wells, Russell Watkins and Bob Madle, who successfully bid on the next convention site for Charlotte, NC.

Later iterations were held in conjunction with DeepSouthCon.

The ad in the March 1955 issue of Galaxy Magazine read:

THE AGACON: In Atlanta, GA - April 2nd and 3rd.
Mail dollar registration fee to 1st Annual Southeastern S-F Conference
c/o Ian T. Macauley, 57 East Park Lane, Atlanta 5, Georgia.

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