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(1930 --)

Stephen E. Fabian specializes in SF and fantasy illustration and cover art for books and magazines. He signs his work Stephen Fabian or Stephen E. Fabian.

Fabian did not start out to be an artist. He attended several schools before joining the U.S. Air Force in 1949, where he served as a teacher of radio and radar. He left the Air Force in 1953 and worked for electronic firms as an engineer until 1973, when he found himself out of work.

He had been a SF reader since the early 1950s, and was a fan of the artwork of Hannes Bok, Edd Cartier, and Virgil Finlay. Fabian studied drawing and painting on his own, and began submitting artwork to fanzines in the 1960s, becoming a well-known fan artist. The day he was laid off work, he received letters asking him to submit his work to both Amazing and Galaxy. He immediately switched from electronics engineer to full-time SF artist. In addition to Amazing and Galaxy, his artwork has appeared in Fantastic and If. He has also done a lot of work in the semipro publishing field.

Collections of his work include Ladies & Legends (1993) and Stephen E. Fabian's Women & Wonders (1995).

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