Second Eastern States Science Fiction Convention

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The Second Eastern States Science-Fiction Convention was held under ISA auspices in New York, on the afternoon of February 21, 1937, where "30 or 40" fans gathered at Bohemian Hall in Astoria, Long Island City. A motion was made that the ISA sponsor a World Science Fiction Convention during the New York World's Fair in 1939.

The committee was:

It was essentially a much larger return visit by the Phillies to New York (see the First Convention), but by this time everyone knew that they had invented the science fiction convention as something special beyond a social visit.

The Program:[edit]

See the program.

Attendees included: John Baltadonis, Philip Jacques Bartel, Otto Binder, James Blish, John D. Clark, Willis Conover, Harry Dockweiler, Herbert E. Goudket, George Hahn, Charles D. Hornig, Milton Kaletsky, Otis Adelbert Kline, Allen Kline, David A. Kyle, Arthur Leeds, Robert W. Lowndes, Bob Madle, John B. Michel, William H. Miller, Jr., Frederik G. Pohl, Milton Rothman, Jack Rubinson, Charles Schneeman, Julius Schwartz, William S. Sykora, Robert G. Thompson, Mort Weisinger, John J. Weir, Donald A. Wollheim

See also Early Conventions.

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