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Roelof Goudriaan is a Dutch fan, now living in Belgium. He pubbed the Eurofan newszine Shards of Babel.

His platform for GUFF in 1989 read:

There are not many people who will goodbye to their fanzines when putting them in the mailbox. Roelof does; but he's a sentimental guy. He has his heart in the right place, and that's all over the world. If it's anything he's known for, it's for think international. Right -- years ago he began A Foreign Fanzine in English, to let people know how the Dutch wrote, and things got worse. Today, he edits the European newsletter Shards of Babel. He's not too shy to be seen in person, being one of the people who helped to get Worldcon to the Netherlands. After testing out mutually clashing accents with Australian guests, he now thinks the time is right to imprint the European Continent on the Australian fannish frame of mind, and to let Australian grandeur saturate his entire being. So, if you want to find out how egg yolks mix with brandy; how many words the Dutch have for "canal"; how Roelof clings to his Pom accent while living with a Yankee; how many socks he has sent back to Down Under; why not vote Dutch? It's Goudriaan for GUFF.

He was an agent for the Britain in '87 Worldcon bid. He worked on the Holland in 1990 Worldcon bid and the subsequent ConFiction.

He edited the 2005 and 2007 anthologies of Dutch sf, Zwarte Sterren (Black Stars) and is an editor of the prozine Wonderwaan.

He is married to fellow fan Lynne Ann Morse. They spent some years living in Ireland.

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