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Noreascon 3, the 1989 Worldcon, commissioned Christine Valada to make photographic portraits of SF authors, artists and editors. The pictures were on display at Noreascon, then were passed along to other Worldcons, and the photographer added a number of portraits in the 1990's. They were shown only erratically, however, and often with highly eccentric captioning (e. g., the lone word "Dead?" on one picture), until 2002, when Tom Veal and Becky Thomson became co-curators (appointed how and by whom is a mystery). Since 2007, John Hertz has been the principal caption writer. Mike Beneveniste supplemented the Gallery with additional photographs that were displayed at Noreascon 4 in 2004 and at some subsequent Worldcons.

The Gallery includes 373 Valada photographs, all in black and white. The subjects are a mix of pros who were well established at the time of Noreascon 3, up-and-comers who have since become famous, and hopeful neo-pros whose SF careers went nowhere.

Sasquan, the 2015 Worldcon, renamed the exhibit "Christine Valada's Science Fiction Portrait Gallery".

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