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A fan gathering in Milwaukee, WI, on January 3, 1959. Robert Bloch reported in Lynn Hickman’s fanzine JD-Argassy 41 (January 31, 1959, p. 2):

On the evening of January 3rd, 1959, Arthur and Phyllis Economou played host to what, for the lack of a worse word, might be called the Phyllcon. Attendees, despite subzero weather, were Bill Beard and gal-friend Miss Peterson; neofan Joan Emerson, of Milwaukee, and husband Eugene; Fon du Lacunae Dean and Jean Grennell; Chicagoans and/or suburbanites Joe Sarno, Jim O'Meara, Earl Kemp, Nancy Kemp, and three little Kemp-followers; Bob Briney; Sid Coleman; Bob Bloch. That eighteen people could assemble in such bitter weather from such distances and consume enough food and drink for a crowd of eighty is a remarkable tribute to the endurance of fans, to say nothing of the host and hostess. According to carefully pre­ arranged plans, a one-shot was not put out. (Actually, of course, it was a very nice little gathering; the Chicago gang bringing up an enormous supply of food and drink to supplement the Economous’ out­put. It took hours for them to drive through the bad weather and heaven only knows how they got back, but it was a pleasure to see ’em).

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