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The Philip K. Dick Memorial Award was created by admirers of the author shortly after Dick's death (in 1982) to honor the Best American Original SF Paperback Book of the year. The prize ($1,000 for 1st place, $500 for 2nd) is sponsored by the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society and awarded at Norwescon, held in the state of Washington each year in the Spring.

The Award was suggested initially by SF author Thomas M. Disch, who was for several years its administrator. An administrative team of Algis Budrys and David G. Hartwell succeeded him.

The prizes come with a certificate, featuring a gold logo for first place and a silver logo for second. A jury (of 3, 4, or 5 members) now comprises each year's panel, with most of the jurors naming their successors for the next year. Usually one judge is the previous year's winner. In addition to SF and fantasy authors, there is at least one academic and one editor on each panel.

Prize moneys initially were obtained by solicitations from publishers of paperback books, and some authorities have contended that the $1,000 and $500 prizes were awarded only when funds were available. The Award currently is supported by the Philip K. Dick Trust.

The first winner of the Award was Rudy Rucker for his novel Software. Ray Nelson, a friend and one-time collaborator of Dick (The Ganymede Takeover) was a finalist for the first Award and received a Special Citation from the award administrators. Special Citations usually are given for books that take second place in the competition.

Rudy Rucker, Tim Powers, Stephen Baxter, and Richard Paul Russo all have won the Award more than once.

Year Author Work
1983 Rudy Rucker Software
1984 Tim Powers The Anubis Gates
1985 William Gibson Neuromancer
1986 Tim Powers Dinner at Deviant's Palace
1987 James P. Blaylock Homunculus
1988 Patricia Geary Strange Toys
1989 tie Paul J. McAuley Four Hundred Billion Stars
1989 tie Rudy Rucker Wetware
1990 Richard Paul Russo Subterranean Gallery
1991 Pat Murphy Points of Departure
1992 Ian McDonald King of Morning, Queen of Day
1993 Richard Grant Through the Heart
1994 tie John M. Ford Growing Up Weightless
1994 tie Jack Womack Elvissey
1995 Robert Charles Wilson Mysterium
1996 Bruce Bethke Headcrash
1997 Stephen Baxter The Time Ships
1998 Stepan Chapman The Troika
1999 Geoff Ryman 253
2000 Stephen Baxter Vacuum Diagrams
2001 Michael Marshall Smith Only Forward
2002 Richard Paul Russo Ship of Fools
2003 Carol Emshwiller The Mount
2004 Richard Morgan Altered Carbon
2005 Gwyneth Jones Life
2006 M. M. Buckner War Surf
2007 Chris Moriarty Spin Control
2008 M. John Harrison Nova Swing
2009 tie Adam-Troy Castro Emissaries from the Dead
2009 tie David Walton Terminal Mind
2010 C. L. Anderson Bitter Angels
2011 Mark Hodder The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack
2012 Simon Morden Samuil Petrovitch trilogy
2013 Brian Francis Slattery Lost Everything
2014 Ben H. Winters Countdown City
2015 Meg Elison The Book of the Unnamed Midwife
2016 Ramez Naam Apex
2017 Claudia Casper The Mercy Journals
2018 Carrie Vaughn Bannerless
2019 Sarah Pinsker Sooner or Later Everything Falls Into the Sea:Stories

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