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(March 22, 1951 –)

Per Insulander became active in Swedish fandom during his late teens in the 1960s, joining the SFSF club in Stockholm and shortly thereafter starting his newszine Degler, which lasted only for a few months.

Within SFSF, he came up with the idea of creating an English-language version of the clubzine SF forum, which he published with two issues, Forum International, within the auspices of the club and with both translated and original material, then, in 1969, was the editor of SF forum itself.

He went on to co-chair the SF•72 convention in Stockholm with Ulf Westblom. With the extremely active Westblom, he then edited a fannish fanzine, DNQ, which lasted for seven issues, five in the early 1970s while the sixth and final much belatedly was published in 1981.

In the meantime, Insulander, with John-Henri Holmberg, had edited two further issues of SF forum in 1977 and before then, also with Holmberg, chaired the 1976 Stockholm ScanCon. From 1976 until 1979, Insulander, Holmberg and John Ågren were continuously on the board of the SFSF club in Stockholm, which during this period had its own clubhouse, was open to members daily and started an sf book shop.

From 1979, their engagement in the club lessened as instead they in 1978 started Laissez Faire Produktion AB, a company dedicated to publishing sf, both in its own right and as an editorial service for other publishers. During 1979–87, the company published the Nova prozine as well as around 50 books under its own imprint and a further 30-some issued by other publishers. Operations ceased in 1988, when all three became entangled in other pursuits.

Insulander gained his M.D. degree and became a cardiologist with the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm and has been only marginally active in fandom since.

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