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A Worldcon bid which proposed to hold the 1968 Worldcon simultaneously in LA, Sydney, and Tokyo with a possible exchange of taped speeches and such. Members of the bid committee were Al Lewis, Bjo Trimble, John Trimble, Dave Hulan, Katya Hulan, and Fred Patten. It was initially chaired by John Trimble, but after the Trimbles moved to the Bay Area, Al Lewis took over, though the Trimbles remained on the committee.

It lost to Bay Area in '68. See 1968 Worldcon Site Selection.

During the course of the bid, the PanPacificon group announced that while it liked the idea of the Pong Award, if it won it would award the Best Fanzine Hugo and not the Pongs. It also announced it was thinking of having a one-shot Hugo category of "Best SF Scholarship".

The TOFF fan fund was associated with PanPacificon.

The fanzine Maneki-Neko was edited by the Trimbles and published for the bid.

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