He was an Old Fan, and Tired

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A phrase that captured fannish imagination after appearing as the lead in to the June 1960 ish of Vin¢ Clarke's Science Fantasy News, reminiscing over defunct newszines:

He was an old fan, and tired. His rheumy eyes blinked at the telescreen, but his thoughts were in the past... 

 "Arrrgh ... I remember ... ! remember there was Fantasy Magazine, and Science Fiction Times, Novae Terrae used to publish news items too, by a young fella named Carnell, there was S & SFF Review and Stfanews and STF News and Stefnews; there was Science Fiction Newscope, and something else that sounded like all the rest.. it was published in the end when the editor thought that the new[s] justified it ... big ' eaded ... then there was Straight Up and Scientifiction and Science Fantasy Review and Contact and FANAC and Skyrack and... " 

He was interrupted as the telescreen flashed a warning rod; an excited announcer appeared. "Flash! Scientists have confirmed that the Moon is falling towards the Earth!" The old fan heaved himself upright, toothless gums champing with excitement. "Ah, now," he cried. "Now there might be another Science Fantasy News."

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